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A Place for Those Who Still Write.

Trades and Gifts.

Paper Trades
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A community for trading stationary, envelopes, post cards, and stickers.
Welcome to paper_trades , the community created for trading stationary, stampers, envelopes, post cards, stickers, and other tools of the snail mail writer! We welcome everyone from anywhere to participate but there are a few rules you must follow if we are to all get along.


1. These are TRADES unless specified by the poster! If you are caught accepting trades and not sending your half then you will be BANNED unless you can prove that it was shipped (And thus possibly lost in transit.) This means keep your postal receipts until your package arrives!

2. No adult or illegal material is allowed! If you advertise adult/illegal material your post will be deleted, if you do it a second time then you will be banned.
If you slip adult, or illegal material into a trade and the recipient reports you then I will ban you.

3. NEVER post your full address in this community! This is an open community and you should do your best to keep your information private! On the other hand please be sure to indicate what country you are in when you post so that others who may not choose to ship internationally will know. Also remember to indicate if you ship internationally or not when you post.

4. Be courteous! If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. ( If you have a legit issue with another user then please contact a moderator to handle that problem, do not make public posts.

5. Please try to ship your items in a timely manner! 

6. NO OFF SITE LINKS! If you want to provide images then please upload them into your post (Behind a cut). I will delete posts with off site links, as I have no control over what content is behind that link. (You may link to the following : Livejournal links,  photobucket images, image shack images, and e-mail addresses).

7. The items allowed to be traded/gifted are as follows : Stationary, stickers, envelopes, pens/pencils/stampers/, deco tape, stamps (new or used), post cards, greeting cards, calligraphy or other writing sets, digital templates for stationary/envelopes/cards, offers for the custom creation of stationary/envelopes/cards.

If you have any questions or would like any of these rules further clarified then feel free to ask! I am rather easy to talk to and despite these rules I really am easy going, I am simply trying to protect each and every one of you!